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Get Realtime Data on ALL your website visitors with Traffic Analysis
 Why Traffic Analysis?

  To run a successful web site, you need to know...
Where are my web visitors coming from?
What are they searching for?
How are they using my site?
  Get the information you need, including:
Reliable web traffic reporting, live on the web
Real-time traffic monitoring, 24 hours a day
Reporting weekly and monthly traffic, by email
 How Traffic Analysis works

  We track your web activity and deliver all the traffic information you need.
  Here's what this means:
Tracking - we use our computers to capture activity data in our databases
Web activity - people around the world reading your web site
Solution - we deliver real-time and weekly web traffic reports to you
All you need to do is:
  1. Sign up for a two week free trial
  2. Install 2 lines of HTML in your web pages
To make installation easy, we provide PC software to help you for free. Once you have installed our HTML tracking code in your web pages, Traffic Analysis will collect data every time someone visits your site. We compile this data to provide you with detailed real-time, weekly and monthly web traffic reports.
 Features and benefits

Saves you money

Website log files take lots of space to store and keep. Our customers save money with their ISP's because of lower fees for disk space. And the tracking provided by most ISP's is too basic for making important business decisions. Other key benefits include:
Web activity people around the world reading your web site.
Trend analysis Easily generate trend graphs to understand your web traffic patterns over time.
Automatic reporting Save time and effort - no need to manually produce your own traffic reports.
No log files! No need to retrieve and process your web server log files.
Online reports Create detailed reports and analysis on-demand, from anywhere in the world.
Real-time stats See up-to-the-minute statistics for today's traffic, including our unique Web traffic log report.
Weekly reports Compare your statistics week-on-week with our automatic email reports.
Hosted service No need to buy extra software or hardware - our data servers collect stats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
User tracking Understand how many unique users visit your site and how many sessions they make.
Search engine reports Find out which search engines drive traffic to your site, and the keywords that people are searching for.
Referrer tracking Discover where your customers are coming from.
e-Commerce reports Find out which affiliated web sites are generating revenue.
Page tracking See how your customers navigate through your web site.
Traffic filtering Filter out your own page views from your web stats.
Java(script) detection Decide whether to include active content on your site with our browser settings reports.
Constant enhancement

Traffic Analysis is undergoing constant enhancement, so you reap the benefits of our improvements rather than having to upgrade your computers and software. If you have any suggestions for extra features you'd like to see, please contact us.
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