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Free Traffic Rank Report when Optimization completed
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Your FREE TRAFFIC RANK is a measure of how much free traffic will be sent to you from search engines. The higher the rank the more free visitors to your website.
EnterURL increases your FREE TRAFFIC RANK by making your website more visible to search engines, causing you to be ranked higher in search results.
A FREE TRAFFIC RANK of 7 can produce up to ten times the traffic (or more) to your website than a rank of 3 or less.
The result is FREE TRAFFIC* that pays for the cost of the service many times over in just the first year.
*OK. We understand that it's not free if you pay us $199 for the service. But it's about as close as it gets. A FREE TRAFFIC RANK of 7 will likely drive traffic to your website at a cost of less than 1 cent per new visitor. In comparison, try bidding 1 cent per click on Google and see how well that works!

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