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Welcome to Enter URL

EnterURL was founded in April of 2001 around the concept of providing high value, customer-driven Web site management services at affordable prices to small and mid-sized businesses. Our initial product offer was search engine submission services. In a short time, we added Web site optimization services so our customers could maximize the value of their search engine submission efforts. Our customer-driven business strategy has paid off. By helping our Web site customers successfully improve their search engine rankings, these same customers have started asking us for other products such as hosting, domain name registration, web design, traffic analysis, and more.

As a result, EnterURL has taken on an expansion of its service offerings. We are proud to introduce you to the first of several new services - Hosting and Domain Name Registration. These will quickly be followed by the introduction of Web site design services and traffic analysis reporting. EnterURL is making it easier and more affordable to go online than ever before. These new services provide any business, organization or individual with an effective, one stop shopping process to launch a successful web presence.

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