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EnterURL provides unmatched features!
Our packages are feature rich and offer great value for your money! Every EnterURL package offers POP3, IMAP and web-based email as a standard feature. Silver and higher packages include SSL hosting at no extra cost. Most packages include full CGI access, MySQL and MS Access databases, ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, SHTML, FTP access and PERL including all common modules. RealAudio and RealVideo streaming technology are also available. And our greatest feature is the award winning WebsiteOS!

WebsiteOS - User friendly Web interface
WebsiteOS is a powerful and straightforward tool that gives you complete administrative control of your site. With features such as File Manager, Web Statistics, Ad Manager, and EasyMail Administrator among many others, you can take control of your site! We provide all the applications you need in one place and make them easy to use. Dynamic, context sensitive help menus are always available to help you to control all aspects of your account. See Demo.

A seamless blend of UNIX and Microsoft® technologies
Our technology combines the functionality of “UNIX hosting” and Windows® "NT hosting" onto one platform. You can run ASP/MS Access and PHP/MySQL based sites from our same server farm. With our seamless blending of UNIX and Microsoft® technologies, EnterURL’s hosting infrastructure uses leading edge technologies to provide this “cross-platform” system.

EnterURL's architecture and infrastructure was designed and built from the ground up to scale to an unlimited number of domains. These domains are hosted on multiple redundant servers, which are clustered using load balancing hardware.

Redundancy and Reliability
First, we have multiple redundant Internet connections, currently provided by UUNET, LOOK Communications and Sprint, and are implemented through the use of BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol). We monitor and upgrade bandwidth as needed.

Secondly, our multiple routers are made redundant through the use of Cisco's HSRP (Hot Swappable Router Protocol). Our server clusters use multiple load balancing hardware, designed for fail over in the event of a load balancer fault, which allows us to provide you with a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

Performance and data integrity
Data integrity and speed are assured by multiple Network Appliance Filers using RAID5 technology. Three back up systems are in place; one is on-site and two are off-site at geographically separated data centers. The systems are continuously monitored for reliability and performance by our NOC support staff. The data centers are protected through electrical power backup, independent air conditioning units and physical security measures.

EnterURL’s security administrators handle all aspects of firewall management. Our systems are secured using the latest security methods including router access list filtering on inbound carrier feeds and firewalling at the SYN level on internal devices. For security reasons we are able to modify response packets which masquerade responses to the remote initiator.

On the backend, we utilize intrusion detection software that notifies us of any unusual use of our systems. This allows us to take immediate action in the case of unconventional activity.

Our security administrators keep up with current security problems through a variety of methods, such as monitoring the major security mailing lists. These lists provide invaluable information in case a potential security problem is found relating to our systems. Within hours of acknowledgement that a potential problem exists, our system is updated appropriately.

We realize security is an ongoing concern. We perform security audits on a monthly basis, ensuring that our systems are not susceptible to any type of exploit/DOS (Denial of Service).
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